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and Artist.

The Saga of The Borgia is available now.

Everyone should be forced to take a spoonful of Alex Connor every day

Daily Telegraph

Convincing characters and a fast-moving plot lift this above the pack of mystery thrillers centered on an old work of art

Publishers Weekly USA

Alex Connor looks set to do for art what David Attenborough has done for animals

Press Association

Alexandra Connor (aka Alex Connor) was born and lives in England. She is an author, artist, and art historian, also an arts presenter on TV. In 2017 she won the Rome Prize for 'Isle of the Dead,' aka 'Il Dipinto Maleditto.' Her best selling books are sold world wide, and translated into many languages. Her trilogy about Carvaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi - CARAVAGGIO SAGA - was a No 1 world bestseller on Amazon. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and listed in Debretts 'Prominent People of Today.'

Alexandra Connor had a variety of careers, yet it was only after a violent attack in London that she found her real forté and began her careers as a painter and author. Her books are published worldwide and her paintings are collected in many different countries. Invited to Khahaskstan in 2018, the three portraits she undertook there are now in the national collection. Her non fiction book on art was published by St Martin's Press in New York.


Her biography and work has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Observer, The Daily Mail, and many foreign newspapers. Her articles have been published in the UK press and Italian press, ie. Corriere della sera, La Stampa and Il Giornale. She has been a TV presenter for ITV and BBC and gives talks on the arts as well as narrating her own novels onto CD.

Alex Connor has an adventurous and conscious hand. Painter and storyteller, she summons the giants of art into engaging thrillers based on a solid culture

Matteo Strukul

A deep knowledge of the art world is displayed by Connor ... The pace is steady with spikes of frantic action ... A marvellous twist at the end

Crime Squad

I will be without doubt picking up the other books by this author, finding a good thriller writer is hard, finding a great one is nigh on impossible

Parmenion Books

A truly superb book ... The end is totally unexpected. Highly recommended

Euro Crime

This is the secret of her success: to paint the protagonists of the past in a current style as a fiction full of twists and turns

Corriere della Sera

Formidable. It conquers and seduces the reader. Spectacular

Marcello Simoni

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