Alexandra Connor spent years studying the painting techniques of the Old Masters, visiting specialists and restorers to acquire the skills used since 15th Century. Applying this knowledge to her work she often uses an under painting of egg tempera to give added luminosity. On top of this she applies many layers of oil glazes to add depth and reality to her work. 


The late Pietro Annigoni was Alexandra's mentor. A quote from one of his letters has always inspired her: "It is incredible what you have achieved. Go ahead, and work hard!"


Aspreys, Bond Street

Season at RSC

Stephen Bartley Gallery, Chelsea

One woman show, Marina Henderson Gallery, Chelsea

One woman show at Richmond Gallery, Cork St, London.

2018 Invited to Kazakhstan. Three portraits now hanging in National Museum.

Portraits and figurative paintings are Alexandra’s specialty and are collected in UK, USA, Australia, Europe and Japan.

For enquiries on commissions or prices, please use the form on the contact page.

The Fisherman, painted from life.

Oil on canvas.

In 2018 I was invited to Kazakhstan, and the portraits below
are two of those now hanging in the National Collection.
Oil on canvas, life size.
astana pic 3 use.jpg

The Girl on the Rocking 


Oil on canvas


Anthony Sher as Richard III

Royal Shakespeare Company

Pastel on Ingres paper

Emily Richards

Royal Shakespeare Company

Oil on canvas

Anthony Sher.jpg
Lara, the dancer
Pastel on Ingres paper
emily richards.jpg
Brother and Sister
Pastel, sepia and sanguine pastels
on canvas
Ezra, the pug.
Oil on canvas

The Well of Dreams

Oil on canvas

One of a series of allegorical works

well of dreams - 2018.jpg

Nude study

Oil on canvas

nude study head.png

Still life with Monkeys

Oil on panel

Where is the Third?
Allegorical painting, one of a series for an exhibition.
Oil on canvas.

Jeppo, circus performer,

Rome, Italy.

Oil on canvas.


Still life with summer flowers

Oil on canvas

The Youngest Bridesmaid
Oil on canvas
IMG_20170527_213907 (2).jpg

Study of a young woman with red hair.

Oil on canvas

IMG_20170521_202513 (1).jpg

Boy with blue eyes.

Oil sketch on paper.

IMG_20170430_201054 (5).jpg

Midnight's Smiling

Oil on canvas

38 x 49 inches

Midnight's Smiling website Narrow.jpg