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The Art Gene

We've all got one, an inbuilt fascination with the arts; painting/music/literature. It's inside us, and just needs a little teasing to be drawn out. So the Art Gene is going to titillate you, tell you the things that the books don't. All the poignant, vicious, mean spirited, noble, and competitive insights. I'm a historian and I've made it my duty to look behind the PR and reveal the gory - and glorious - reality. Enjoy.

Michelangelo being magnanimous about Raphael: 'Everything he knew, he learned from me.'

Or try this one:

Nicholas Poussin on Caravaggio: 'Caravaggio's painting is for lackeys. The man has come into the world to destroy painting.'

(Even though Caravaggio's works realise four times more than Poussin's at auction...)

And of course writers can be lethal with words..... More to follow.


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