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Well, it is Caravaggio or not? The debate continues....

Spain’s Prado Museum confirms rediscovery of lost Caravaggio, 'Ecco Homo' to be unveiled May 27 2024. (source: Associated Press)

The painting was due to be auctioned in 2021, but was held back as it was suspected to be a Caravaggio. Now its authenticity has been confirmed by Spain’s Prado Museum it will go on display from May 27 until October in a one piece exhibition permitted by its anonymous owner.

Once believed to have been part of the private collection of Phillip IV of Spain, it is attracting interest and much discussion - as to whether it truly appears to be created by the Italian master - and as there are only 55-60 works by Caravaggio in existence, it is set to become one of the most valuable old master artworks in the world, according to the Prado. 

Interesting enough in April 2021 Spanish authorities stopped the painting - then believed to have been painted by Ribera - from being auctioned and put an export ban on it after the museum alerted the government it could be a Caravaggio. The starting price at the ill fated auction? 1500 euros, whereas an original Caravaggio would be worth millions.

The painting is not allowed to leave Spain without government permission.

(These photographs show the restoration process.)


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