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I Lupi Di Venezia

The city has its secrets kept in the shadows.

Venice, XVI century. The hard life of shopkeepers, prostitutes, slaves and Jews of the ghetto contrasts with the dazzling wealth of the lagoon city, a destination for merchants from all over the world to make a fortune. But prosperity, as we know, is often accompanied by corruption. In an age where deception, malice and perversion thrive alongside art and philosophy, The Wolves have an easy life. They are unscrupulous individuals, who move ravenously, sniffing out the best opportunities to gain more and more power, involving unsuspecting pawns in their dark plots.


Marco Gianetti is an assistant to Tintoretto, Ira Tabat a Jewish doctor: their destinies about to bend to the will of very prominent individuals, such as the poet Pietro Aretino, the courtesan Tita Boldini and the spy Adamo Baptista. The roar of the lion of Venice seems to have subsided, now that The Wolves are hunting.


(Reached No 1 - Amazon Historical Fiction)

I Lupi Di Venezia

  • The Wolves of Venice (book 1 of 3).

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