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Venezia Enigma

After a desperate failed attempt to assassinate his tormentor, Marco Gianetti flees with his mistress, Tita Boldini. Distressed by the crimes that weigh on his conscience, and in search of redemption, he turns to the enigmatic Dutchman, Nathaniel der Witt. But der Witt craves his own revenge. He has come to Venice to investigate a series of brutal murders that have shocked the city; killings linked to the notorious Wolves of Venice, the very people he suspects of murdering his daughter.


With his new ally, Gianetti, and under the threat of the ruthless Pietro Aretino, der Witt begins his search. One by one the Wolves are discovered, Marco Gianetti believing he can finally find redemption. But when the life of someone close to him is threatened by Aretino's spy, Adamo Baptista, Gianetti has a desperate choice to make. Does he flee and save himself? Or stay, defend an innocent, and face his own ruin?


The Wolves of Venice still have a taste for blood.


(Reached No 1 Amazon Historical Fiction)

Venezia Enigma

  • The Wolves of Venice (book 3 of 3).

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